Hot wax

March 04, 2015

We are able to hot wax for your ski and snowboard!!
What is the "hot wax"?
The first step is to clean your base. The process is pretty hard.
The second step is choose a wax that best suits the conditions (e.g., temperature)you're shredding in.
After you have waxed your board, set it aside and let it cool for about a half hour or until it's room temperature.
And the final process is scrape it and brush up!!

So hot wax is really care and protect of your ski and snowboard. Its very important for you skiing and snowboarding next time or next season. Especially end of season. You should get hot wax on your ski and snowboard when you can keep your board with good condition for next coming season.

Anyway please visit us. We will looking forward to see all of you guys!!
Have a fun and safe ride everyone♪


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