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Anniversary Campaign!

November 19, 2015


To celebrate the second anniversary of our iGATE niseko hirafu opening and the first anniversary of our stores in Niseko Village, we have some fanatstic offers for you!

From December 5th - 15th 2015, get double iGATE card points on your purchases at all stores!

And exclusive to our stores in Niseko Hirafu and Niseko Village:

Free coffee from the Mori no Ma Café and a free hand cream from Natural Island when you spend more than ¥30,000! (Available while stocks last).

CowParade Niseko 2015 came to an end!!!

October 09, 2015

Every cow gathered at "Ki Niseko" for the Sayonara Party!!!

It feels sad not to see cows which were in Niseko area during the Summer.

We thought what are those cows at first, but they became a part of Niseko now.

CowParade Niseko 2015 Sayonara Party was held on October 3rd peacefully!

Please see some pictures of gathered cows!

We still have the Official CowParade merchandise at iGATEs, please get a piece of CowParade as a memory.

There are the original designs of cow stickers, T-shirt with Cow Logo, etc.

And also, please visit our online store to get a piece of CowParade merchandise as a memory of this event.



October 07, 2015

We have participated Halloween Event in Niseko!!!

Sold the Official CowParade merchandise and some Croissant sandwiches, especially "Yakisobassan" was most popular!!!

Yakisobassan is filling Yakisoba noodle between Croissant, and its name was getting some attention from people with costume, and muttering "Yakisobassan" and looking at us.

Yes, of course!

Unfortunately, took some picture of "Yakisobassan" though, wasn't good enough to put...

The MORI NO MA CAFE serves "Yakisobassan" at iGATE IKEUCHI niseko hirafu, please come and try!!!


Cow in Niseko Beer Garden!

August 12, 2015

We are going to sell the Official CowParade merchandise at Niseko Beer Garden on August 13, 14, and 15th!!!

Niseko Beer Garden is going to hold on August 13th to 15th, and we are going to be there too!!!

This is an event which all the people from kids to adults, locals to tourists who are going to enjoy Niseko's Summer, and IKEUCHI will be there with the CowParade merchandise.

Sheet of stickers which all designs are from Cows in Niseko and Sapporo is available!!!

More fun to see stickers and find the same design of cows!

And also, we have T-shirts with CowParade Logo, big cow face and colorful holstein patterns!!!

Please come by our stand!!!

Hoping sunny days!!!

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