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There are books♪

June 11, 2015

Hirafu shop has cafe space.

There are books or brochure and etc.

You can see the books in store.

Also there is hand-made book!

It's written recipe or how the care of dutch oven.

And there is One point advice written on paper in store.

But was written in English is not too much put.

I'm sorry:'(

But I think that it is interesting, even just by looking at the photos♪

Half pants

June 06, 2015

There are Naturalbicycle's pants.

They have Loud pattern,also denim or quilting.

Please use it according to the scene.

「Pattern Shorts"Fes"」¥7,000+TAX

「Denim Croped Pants"Row"」¥11,000+TAX


T Shirts

June 02, 2015

Recently It is hot!

It is often wear a T-shirt.

There are T-shirts of KAVU.

There is a cute design and interesting design!

Please make sure at the shop:)


Cafe Menu

May 24, 2015

Warm and ideal weather for walk, some sweets at Cafe?

Ice Cream and delicious sweets at the "MORI NO MA Cafe".

“Croissant with Ice Cream” ¥500+Tax

Have a relaxing time with tasty coffee.


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